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Welcome to the Zombie Restaurant WikiEdit

Hey, everyone! This is the unofficial database of the app,

Zombie Restaurant: Cook or Die.

Zombie Restaurant: "Free Social Popular Restaurant Game"

Please help with the editing and adding of pages! Anyone can edit or add pages. Please let Plasmid Jeff know on his talk page.

Plasmid Jeff 21:08, May 7, 2012 (UTC) Viewers. To start I ask you to sign in or sign ip to help me give this wikia a new start. I know my absense has brought back the site dramtically, but I'm ready to start again. If you want to help me on my road to success, feel free to ask anything or upload anything, I doesnt have to be part of the game. I will work slowly but soon will speed up escpially on weekends, to create new pages, and on the zombie list, cook books, and even more. I will be watching 24/7 so come over and ask questions. If you want admin powers, please fill out the neccesary form for questioning, I do need an extra hand. Please ask me for the form and cross your fingers. This is a message from your Admin, Plasmid Jeff.

About the GameEdit

Zombie Restaurant was released to English and Japanese iPhone/iPad users by CyberAgent, Inc on July 14, 2011.

  • V 1.0.1: ???
  • V 1.0.2: ???
  • V 1.0.3: ???
  • V 1.0.4: ???
  • V 1.0.5: ???
  • V 1.0.6: ???
  • V 1.0.7: ???
  • V 1.0.8: ???
  • V 1.0.9: New contest, new cook book, new zombies,bug fixes
  • V 1.1.0: New opening, improvement game balance & interface, bug fixes.
  • V 1.1.1: fixing bugs including food left out after frenzy mode,shows reward for quests, adding new price range.
  • V 1.1.2: fixing the connection error message that pops up when coming back from suspend mode, adjustment on PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, fixes bugs
  • V 1. 1.3: ???
  • V 1.1.4: display of XP and profit in the food menu, fixes on bugs
  • V 1.1.5: display of XP, other bug fixes.
  • V 1.1.6:
  • V 1.1.7:
  • V 1.1.8:
  • V 1.1.9: Push notification timing has been revised, bugs for quest have been fixed, save data timing has been revised, icond have been renewed.
  • V 1.2.0: newbie sale function has been added.


Mayor's Requests

Profile Status Grades

Resetting the Game

List of Zombies

Zombie Foods


Right Now,the listed requirements are not in my possesion, I'm hoping Wikia Contributer could find the imformation. Please and Thank You!!



The Zombie Times (May 2012)
    • Zombie Zoo Fun! Zoo Animals have arrived and have brought 4 dishes with them. Stay tooned for the next 4. The next 4 have arrived!
    • A variety of Colored Finger Dishes are around the Restaurant for a limited time. Selected Dishes are Finger Dog, in the colors of
    • Blue, Pink, and Orange. The Finger Eclair, in the colors of Purple, Red, Green, which seems like Yellow. And the Finger Potatos, in the colors
    • of Blue, Pink, and Purple.
Ended (May 2012)
      • Animal Bakery is visiting Zombie Restaurant with the Pink Cream Puff, renamed Rabbit Cream. The Queen Cake kept its name. The Animal Cappuccino, renamed a Cappuccino. The Fun Berries kept its name. The Star Tarte, renamed the Star Cupcake.

30 sec. Cook Campaign Dishes in Ye Olde Zombie, Alice in Zombieland, & I Love You to Death Cook Books ended. Date: 5/4 ~ 5/6.

    • Zombie Potions, Giant Potion, Shrink Potion, Giant Alice Potion, and Deadly Shrink Potion disappeared on 5/8 in Master Chefs Learning Cook Book.
    • 1 Day Brain Sale 9.99$ & Up on 5/9.
      • Cook Sale on Brain Dishes in Sweets for my Undead, BASICS for Zombies, Tomb-
      • Made Cooking, Cafe de Zombie, and Infected Oriental. Last 5/13.
      • Mothers Day Sale! Get 200% more for trading coins, last 5/12 ~ 5/13.
Last Zombie Cook Book
        • Kingdom of Zombies
          Cook Book Kingdom of Zombies is now open to all players!
          • Sneak Preview on Cook Book Kingdom of Zombies with a requirment of Recipe Lv 100.
          • Kingdom of Zombies is now open to all players.

Brain Excalibur, Boiled Dragon Eye Extract Crown Tapas, Cursed Chalice, Knight's Shield Pasta, Dragon Finger Broth, Baked Drangon Wings, Magical Tubies. Page coming soon.

Plasmid Jeff

  • Plasmid Jeff Profile, Main Admin...
  • New Wikia for Animal Bakery for any Fans!!! Animal Bakery Wikia
  • I'll Be watching Zombie Restaurant Wikia For Right Now,So Ask Anything Related!
  • Have a Sneak Peak on the Kingdoms for Zombies!
  • Come and start cooking the Kingdoms of Zombies!
  • Give Some love for Fingers!
  • Zombie Zoo Fun! Now with all 8 Dishes!

Learn for Master ChefEdit

Food Coin Brain Brain Instant Servings







Amount of Time Left



Finger Crepe Cake

N/A 19 29 1000 5000 5000 9 30 Sec Ended Finger Crepe Cake N/A

Poison Rose Mont Blanc

5000 N/ 19 720 5040 5040 29 24 Hr Ended Poison Rose Mont Blanc N/A

Fancy Eyeball Ice Cream

N/A 8 12 750 1500 1500 200 2 Hr Ended Fancy Eyeball Ice Cream N/A

Rabbit Cream

N/A 17 19 500 2000 2000 3 12 Hr Ended
Queen Cake 700 N/A 8 420 1680 1680 15 3 Hr Ended
Cappicuno N/A 7 10 1000 5000 5000 9 5 Min Ended
Fun Berries 650 N/A 19 730 2190 2190 20 8 Hr Ended
Star Cupcake N/A 3 5 100 400 400 7 5 Min Ended
Red Dragon Eye 5000 N/A 19 720 5040 5040 29 24 Hr 1d 3h 30m
Merlin's Fun Tubies N/A 19 29 1000 5000 5000 9 30 Sec 1d 3h 30m
Big Bloody Crown N/A 29 29 1500 7500 7500 5 50 Sec 1d 3h 30m
Red Beard's Visit to Hell N/A 39 79 3000 24000 24000 4 15 Min 1d 3h 30m

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